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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eyes make up

that days was a lazy days so i did make up. sorry for my annoying messy hair and annoying chubby cheek.

basically, i wore:
Phythogenic Concealer Face Shop
Pink 510 Revlon ColorStay eyeshadow
Naked UrbanDecay eyeshadow
Dark Brown PAC eyebrows
Magnum Volum Express Maybelline
Black Eyeliner Gel Maybelline
Black NYX Eyeliner
Rosy Nude Revlon Lipstick

so yeah, hope you enjoy "asal-asalan" make up post.
if you have any question about make-up, ask me, i'll answer your question (of course!!) http://www.formspring.me/vennychandraa (anyway i already answer some question from you, so, check them out?)
or follow my twitter http://twitter.com/vennychandraa
i'll talk to you guys later. cao! <3


  1. where to buy naked urban decay eyeshadow?

  2. it's my 18th birthday gift from my siblings. my sis bought naked at bangkok, thailand :)


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